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Last week we attended the National Pork Industry Conference held at Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Their were approximately 950 registrants for the four day conference. NPIC had many speakers and events. Our observations:


周日晚上是由Lynch Livestock精心准备的烧烤拉开序幕。接下来是加裕接待处一直挤满了人,持续到凌晨1点钟。感谢所有到场的人员,从参与和互动环节我们看出所有人都玩得很开心。


Sunday night kicked off with the excellent Barbecue prepared by Lynch Livestock. This was followed by the Genesus Reception which was jammed with people that went to 1 am. We appreciate all that attended and from the participation and interaction we saw all had fun.

Seaboard食品是一家为国内外市场生产优质猪肉产品的综合性食品公司。凯旋食品收购了Seaboard食品的肉类加工部Daily’s Premium Meats 50%股份。

周一上午,第一位演讲者是Maschoff家庭食品公司和美国猪肉生产商委员会的现任主席Ken Maschoff。Maschoff谈到他的家族遗产是从他和兄弟俩在20岁的时候建造的第一栋猪舍开始的。他的父亲单方面决定使他的儿子成为当时的决策者。这些遗产用来建造了大量的养猪经营业务,并将其分散到其他与非农业相关的行业。由Ken,他的妻子Julie,他的兄弟,他的父亲,以及他们所有的家人分享了白手起家的故事。Maschoff家庭食品公司和他们的名字一样,是他们公司及其遗产的代表。

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First speaker Monday morning was Ken Maschoff, of Maschoff Family Foods and current President of the National Pork Producers Council. Maschoff spoke of his family legacy starting with he and brothers first pig barns being buit when they were 20. His fathers unilateral action to make his sons the decision makers at that time. The legacy of building massive swine operation and diversifying into other non ag related businesses. A Horatio Alger story shared by Ken, his wife Julie, his brother, his father and all the their families. Maschoff Family Foods as with the name family sums up the picture Ken pointed of their company and their legacy.

Twenty-seven pork producers with each owing over 100,000 can claim the title of Global Mega Producers this year. The Mega Global Producers are as diverse as their geographic location.


Known as Seaboard Farms in the 90’ , Seaboard Foods, a division of Seaboard Corporation, started building farms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Texas. Today, farm operations consist of genetic and commercial breeding, farrowing, nursery and finishing farms. With more than 290,000 sows; 2,000 dedicated farm employees produce about 4 million hogs annually, ranking Seaboard Foods as a top 3 U.S. pork producer.

Ken in his talk displayed the National Hog Farmer – Genesus Global Mega Producer list. Maschoff are number nine globally with 218,000 sows. Ken was obviously proud of his families global mega producer ranking, they should be, long way from the first barn not so long ago.

Seaboard Foods is an integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets. Triumph Foods purchased a 50% interest in Daily’s Premium Meats, the processed meats division of Seaboard Foods.

会议的主题之一是抗生素和猪肉。谈论这一点的演讲者们多少有些过分讲究。我们不确定这是不是持续猪肉消费的驱动力。无抗猪肉的生产成本很高,需要卖出更多的钱才行。整个胴体的成本更高,但通常除了腰肌,没有多少其他的分割块会让消费者关心。培根,肋骨。有一部分消费者会付更多的钱,但他们会买多少猪肉呢?似乎会议上花了太多时间来讨论这5%的市场。首先,出口市场几乎没有对无抗生素猪肉的需求,这意味着美国和加拿大产量的30%以上。其次,所有的猪肉在接触到消费者的时候都是无抗生素的,撤销关系规定猪肉中不能存留抗生素。如果没在那里,就是没有抗生素吗?我们正走在一条下滑的斜坡上,用无抗猪肉的市场营销计划去推测其他猪肉不安全。我们认识到有无抗猪肉市场,但我们还记得去年在NPIC发表演讲的Seaboard – Triumph副总裁,他说,他们乐于关注95%的猪肉市场。

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One of the main themes of the conference was antibiotics and pork. It was somewhat obsessive the number of speakers who talked about this. We are not sure that this is the driver that will endure pork consumption. Antibiotic free is expensive to produce and needs to sell for more money. The whole carcass costs more but often other then Loins not many other cuts have consumers caring ie. Bacon, Ribs. There is a percentage of consumers that will pay more, but how much pork will they buy? Seems the Conference spent a lot of time talking about 5% of the market. First off, Export markets have next to no demand for antibiotic free pork that means 30% plus of all US-Canada production. Second, all pork is antibiotic free when it reaches the consumer;withdrawal ties mandate no antibiotic resides in pork.If its not there is it not antibiotic free?

Stephen Summerlin, Seaboard农场现场运营高级副总裁和Greg Gilsdorf,加裕美国区总经理

We are walking ourselves up a slippery slope pork making antibiotic free a marketing plan inferring other pork isn’t safe. We realize there is a market for antibiotic free but we remember the Vice President of Seaboard – Triumph who spoke last year at NPIC and said they were happy to focus on 95% of the Pork market.

Stephen Summerlin, Senior Vice President Live Operations at Seaboard Farms and Greg Gilsdorf, General Manager USA at Genesus.


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What we don’t get is why the reality of the Pork Cut out continues to be a non topic, Bellies, Ribs, Shoulders all marbled pork, better flavor better taste lead the cut out values. While loins and Hams languish. Reality is slapping us in the face foolish quest for lean pork has destroyed the value of over half the carcass (loins-hams) price reflects real demand Bellies, Ribs, Shoulders lead the demand. Consumers vote with their money. Bellies are almost three times the value of Hams. Grade system needs to be revised to reflect markets real demand. Producers need to re-evaluate their thoughts on feed conversion importance and then measure by cost of gain.


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Boyd, 2012. Integrating Science into Practice and Getting it Right

1 农业统计数据公司,2011年3月报告


1Agri Stats Inc., March 2011 report

2Item 9, days to market, not shown but was equivalent for the Average and Top 25%



*Firms that ranked in the Top 25% for profit were more Profitable than firms that ranked in the Top 25% for Low cost in years of profit and loss.

*Ingredient cost ranked higher than Feed Efficiency in differentiating most profitable firms.


Take home message Produce pork with better taste flavor if every American eats Pork one more time a month demand increases 8 million hogs annually. That’s a market driver. It’s a profit driver.

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